For this week’s assignment, I got to review one of my peer’s blogs!

I was assigned to Javiera Guevara’s blog, Javiera Wears WhatHer blog goes in-depth on fashion, including her favorite thrifted garments, and other style-related posts. The blog is easily navigable and visually appealing. The home page serves as a collage-of-sorts to display various posts with eye-catching images. Each blog post itself is well-articulated, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing. I really enjoyed going through her blog because I am also really interested in fashion, and I go thrift shopping all the time so it was great to learn about some new spots to check out.

Overall, Javiera’s blog is well put together, and there are only a few things that I think could be improved. One thing that stuck out was the size of the logo. It is striking and cohesive to the vibe of the blog, but it takes up nearly half of the page. If it is possible to size it down a bit, I believe it would give a better opportunity for the content to take the spotlight. Just a suggestion, I personally really enjoyed reading the “All-time Favorite Thrift Finds” article because it gave me a better sense of who she is and how she like to style herself. Perhaps in the future, she could touch more on how she was able to cultivate that style.

This blog is viable long-term because there are so many different ideas that could be covered within the overarching topic of fashion. Tanya Basu’s article, “Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet” emphasizes the idea that digital gardens do not have to be fixed, they are an opportunity to exhibit what the writer feels like blogging about. There are so many connections that can be made, which is already seen through her recent article, “The Tik Tok Algorithm is your Worst Enemy if you Suffer or are Recovering from an Eating Disorder,” allowing her to grow with her blog. Audrey Watter’s article, “The Web We Need to Give to Students” touches on how having a personal blog can serve as a portfolio, containing “text, images, video, and audio recordings, giving students opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways beyond the traditional pen-and-paper test or essay” (para 11). I believe that Javiera’s blog is a perfect example of a niche digital garden, where she’s able to focus on topics that interest her and cultivate her voice.